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About Marc Millan Ministries

Introduction:  Argentine-born Marc Millan was a professional concert guitarist who came to the Lord in 1975 through the ministry of "The 700 Club." 

Presently, Marc lives with his wife Melinda in Seoul, South Korea. They are available for churches, conferences, seminars and wherever the Lord leads them with the message that is burning Holy Fire in their heart. 

Pastors Marc and Melinda are seasoned and tested ministers of God. They have traveled around the world sharing God's Word in Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe. Thousands have been blessed and set free through their teaching and deliverance ministry!

Marc Millan warns that we are living in times of great peril and uncertainties where the saints are in need of experiencing God's power more than ever before! His vision is to focus on deeper life teaching, as well as traveling and sharing an end-time message of redemption, forgiveness and resurrection power. Moving in the power of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Marc presents a loving Jesus along with the principles of how the Lord uses our faith to release His blessings of mental deliverance, physical healing and circumstantial provision.

Marc emphasizes that the saints have only two choices from where they can order their existence and behavior in this world - one is the realm of the glorified human spirit (that bypasses the human understanding) and the other is the sphere of the the soul that is ruled by  the world of the flesh. He teaches that  our real fight is not against thoughts, images, feelings and circumstances, but against demonic powers that are seeking to torment and if possible destroy us (Ephesians 6:11-13).

The Lord has given Pastor Marc specific principles to teach the Body of Christ how to find protection under God's covering, overcome spiritual opposition and come out victorious in the midst of the attacks! 

Some of the topics that Marc Millan is teaching on are:    

•Learn the battle-rules of submission and obedience, so you can give God the legal right to undertake on your behalf (Matthew 13:58; Romans 6:16).

•Learn how to abide in God's loving grace in order to protect yourself against the enemy's  subtle accusations and legalisms [deliverance from fear, guilt and condemnation]. This is the secret to the life of continual rejoicing!  

•Learn the difference between spirit, soul and body. Discover the geographical location of your spirit-man (something that nowadays is still nebulous to the Church), so you can tap into the unlimited resources of God's amazing love and resurrection power! 

•Learn how to divorce yourself from the bondage that the enemy brings through his suggestions and images (e.g., reason, logic, intellectualism etc). These are golden nuggets that will shelter you inside the divine sphere that bypasses the mental world of the senses (Proverbs 3:5).   

•Learn how to recognize between the voice of God and the counterfeit voices of the adversary (e.g., angels of light, familiar, deceiving and impersonating spirits etc). This is the road to maturity that will save you from a great deal of headaches and disappointments!  

•Learn how to build up your faith in God in order to remove mountains (discover the five essential principles that will energize God's kind of faith in your heart - Mark 11:22-24). 

•Learn how to thwart the enemy’s attacks on every battlefront and break the parasitical strongholds that want to keep you in bondage. These are strategies that will allow you  to obtain victory over the opposition on a continual basis and rise to new levels of spiritual freedom (freedom from depression, doubt, confusion, hopelessness, error, defeat, sickness etc). 

•Learn how to celebrate God in the midst of impossible situations with "the Jehoshaphat" and "the  Paul and Silas" kind of praise. These are specific principles that will bring the Deity upon the scene and create a diivine earthquake that will destroy whatever is trying to imprison you (2 Chronicles 20: 21,22. Acts 16: 25,26).   

Along with her husband, Melinda takes principles from the Book of Daniel and teaches on intercessory warfare. She reveals the importance of destroying the opposition in the first atmospheric heaven in order to break strongholds over your personal life, church, city, nation, loved ones, broken marriages etc!

In addition, Melinda operates through the gift of healing, word of knowledge, and moves in the gifts of prophecy through music, improvising melodies and scriptures as led by the Holy Ghost.

Melinda Millan is called to minister deliverance to the oppressed and divine healing to those suffering from physical ailments. Her goal is helping them to enter into the Promise Land of God’s blessings.
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